Our Process
We value your time as much as we value our own.  It is our goal to make the installation process as easy and convenient as possible.  EcoCentrix believes in communicating each step of the way so that you know exactly what is taking place at any given time.  Above all, we want you to know that we hold health and safety first and foremost.  We implement numerous precautionary measures to insure that your site is protected each step of the way.


During the Preparation phase of the project we seal off the installation areas and create a negatively pressurized area through ventilation systems that constantly pull fresh air into the structure and push off-gassing out.  We also lay down floor coverings, mask any areas that do not require SPF, and during a retrofit projects, this would be the time that we roll out all the necessary tools for the initial 'Performance & Energy Management Audit.'  If this is new construction project we ask our client to schedule a pre-inspection with their Code Official to review items that may be covered by our product.  Once the preparation phase is complete, we require all non-EcoCentrix personnel to exit once we anticipate the application phase will begin. 


Each project is unique and poses its own challenges, but these challenges are what make our job interesting.   As you can see in the video demonstration the creme time and full expansion is a fairly quick process that will move fast once underway.  Do not let the foam fool you though, we insist that no one enter the structure for at least a full 24-48 hours from the time that the installer stops pulling the trigger.  This is for everyone's safety.  Once the reactions is complete the final product is an inert material that will prove to be everything you expect it to be in providing a safe, healthy, and energy conscious environment.  To completely finalize the installation, once the wait and ventilation period is complete we'll do a subsequent 'Performance & Energy Audit' to measure against our initial audit.  This will give us a pretty good idea of what type of improvement you can expect to see.   During a new construction project this would also be the time that we ask that you schedule another review with your code official to inspect again once the foam has been installed.