Our Focus
EcoCentrix understands consumer preference towards wanting a company that is an expert with the product and service they offer.  Focusing on a concise product and service allows EcoCentrix to specialize and become the absolute best at what we do.  Our specialty is Spray Polyurethane Foam, because it is superior to other insulation materials, which is apparent by the many benefits listed below.


Benefits of Foam Insulations
  • Outstanding thermal barrier performance  
  • Offers highest R-Value per inch 
  • Moisture management
  • Resistant to mold & mildew 
  • Bio-renewable products available
  • Rigidity that strengthens structural integrity 
  • Proponent to clean & healthy live and work space
  • Ideal for complex cavities & hard to reach areas
  • Seals air leaks and strongly adheres to a diversity of substrates
  • And above all... our product reduces energy loss by as much as 40%!!!

Commercial Applications           

Spray Polyurethane Foam insulation and coating applications are numerous and can strategically improve operating costs significantly.  Our product has been used in a multitude of commerical applications.  From large scale public facilities like schools, office buildings, and department stores to agricultural operations like processing plants, distributions centers, barns and poultry farms.  
Our coating products have been applied to storage towers, commercial (and personal) truck bed-liners and trailers, and to insulate tanks, liquid transport vessels, and climate controlled shipping trucks and containers.  If your facility or equipment requires an insulation characteristic, a coating application tailored towards improving surface durability, or both, we have a product ideal for the task.  Please check out the reference material to the right for a brief explanation of Spray Polyurethane Foam >>>

Residential Applications
Whether your project is geared towards new construction or you are looking to renovate an existing structure with a retrofit we have a solution capable of satisfying your objective.  From exterior perimeter walls, attic roof decking, or basement and crawlspace, if you are looking to achieve a thermal building envelope to substantially lower your homes energy consumption then Spray Polyurethane Foam insulation is the answer.